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PES 2014 release will take place in Europe in a week and the developers of this football simulator actively remind us about it, reporting the latest PES 2014 news, which we, in our turn, would like to tell you.

Yesterday Konami revealed a lot of new information about Pro Evolution Soccer 2014, among which you’ll find the list of leagues and teams within them, the list of stadiums, the commentators available in the game, the main features in the game’s online mode and the announcement of the first patch.


Thus, the new instalment of PES game series will include more than 10 leagues and almost 300 teams (the complete list is available here). As for the stadiums, which will be presented in PES 2014, we have nothing special to please you, because, as we’ve reported earlier, due to the aggressive policy of EA (the publisher of FIFA 14 - a competitor of PES 2014), Konami had to drastically reduce the number of stadiums in the game. Now, unfortunately, they will be only 18, which is 2 times less than in PES 2013 (there was 37 stadiums) and Spanish arenas won’t be presented in the game at all. Here is a list of stadiums, where you will be able to drive the ball in PES 2014:

1) Old Trafford

2) Wembley Stadium

3) Allianz Arena

4) Guiseppe Meazza

5) San Siro

6) Juventus Stadium

7) Estadio da Luz

8) Stade de France

9) Estadio Urbano Caldeira

10) Estadio do Morumbi

11) El Monumental

12) King Fahd International Stadium

13) Saitama Stadium 2002

14) Konami Stadium

15) Royal London Stadium

16) Burg Stadion

17) Estadio de Escorpiao

18) Estadio del Nuevo Triunfo


The developers have also reported that the European version of the game for PS3 will have 7 commentators (English, Greek, Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese and French), and that the sound of the commentators’ voices has be changed, as well as some of the phrases and stories of the history of world football have been added. In addition Konami has revealed several features of Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 online mode: the fight against cheaters with a new efficient block system and the filters for the teams’ selection that allow you to select the strength of the team you want to play against.


And last, but the most important thing is the announcement of the first PES 2014 patch, which according to Adam Bhatti, a representative of Konami in Europe, will be released on the 19th of September. This patch will come so early thanks to PES 2014 demo that has been presented this week (a trial version of the game for Xbox 360 can be downloaded here, PES 2014 demo for PS3 - here), in which a lot of fans of football simulator has managed to play and to appreciate its cool gameplay, but the developers do not want to stop there, and so the first patch will be intended to further improve the PES 2014 gameplay.

PES 2014 game will be released in Europe on September 19 for PC and consoles of the current generation.