Is Nordic Games preparing the Darksiders series sequel?

Is Nordic Games preparing the Darksiders series sequel? by  3121 views

Recently the information concerning the Darksiders series sequel, which is being prepared by Nordic Games, has appeared. This news has been told by the former creative director of Vigil Games - Joe Madureira - in his Facebook.

Answering the questions about his actual projects, he has written: “DS is not dead!!! The new owner, Nordic seems very committed to continuing the series. As far as my involvement, I can't say at this point. Hopefully we will all have exciting news about the franchise soon!!!!!!”.

Last year after the bankruptcy of the publisher - THQ company - Nordic Games bought out the rights for such projects as Darksiders, MX vs. ATV, Frontlines, Red Faction, Destroy All Humans and others.

According to the Nordic Games CEO - Lars Wingeforce, - firstly, it’s necessary to appraise all the possible variants concerning the development of the abovementioned games, build the well-thought-out business models and find the right team in order not to repeat the THQ’s mistakes and exclude the unprofitable projects. Surely, most players would like to see the Darksiders series sequel or the continuation of Red Faction, because they have a great potential.

Let us remind you that the first part of this action-adventure with the hack and slash elements appeared in 2010, and the second one, the review of which you can find here, was launched in 2012.

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