Injustice 2 - New Characters Review

Injustice 2 - New Characters Review by  13672 views

May 16 — the Injustice 2 release date. Remember it and keep a grip on yourself: here are some videos presenting the new Injustice 2 characters: Black Canary, Cheetah, Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Dr. Fate. Each of them has his unique powers, we're here to discuss them.

The first video is named "Here come the girls", however, these four ladies are not the only girls in Injustice 2. We've already seen Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman trailers, and there's Supergirl as well. So, what is up with these Injustice 2 characters: ladies and Dr. Fate?

Injustice 2 — Black Canary

characters Injustice 2 release date Black Canary

Her initial power is voice, apparently. After applying a certain combo you hear a squeaky noise — that's how she attacks her opponent. I'd call her the most stylish among all Injustice 2 female characters (except Harley Quinn).

Injustice 2 — Cheetah

characters Injustice 2 release date Cheetah

The wildest of Injustice 2 girls. She has powerful claws that will scratch the soul out of your opponent. By the way, according to feedback, nobody expected her to participate in Injustice 2, so she's kind of a surprise.

Injustice 2 — Catwoman

characters Injustice 2 release date Catwoman

Good old Batman's pal. A domesticated version of Cheetah with some tools to beat your opponent down. She's grace that uses a lash to fight. Awesome. And those jokes about nine lives will fill the silence up.

Injustice 2 — Poison Ivy

characters Injustice 2 release date Poison Ivy

A gorgeous character that can plant some poisonous herb around you and then feed you to the giant... flytrap? Sounds pretty good.

Injustice 2 — Dr. Fate

characters Injustice 2 release date Dr. Fate

60% of the damage that your opponent gets will be made by Dr. Fate without even hitting him with his hands. Amazingly drawn effects and moves!

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If you doubt about our Injustice 2 characters review you can check out the trailers on your own! The videos are available below, and if you scroll further you'll find a place where you can express your feelings and impressions about these characters. Which one would you choose for your first Injustice 2 fight?