Injustice 2 — Face Animation Skills

Injustice 2 — Face Animation Skills by  11483 views
And the best Face Animation 2017 award goes to… Injustice 2! [fanfares playing, confetti spreads everywhere]. I’m not sure if it is Mass Effect: Andromeda face animation that made me praise the work WB and NetherRealm made together, or Injustice 2 cutscenes are simply a masterpiece that can’t be compared to anything. This post features gifs that show and prove the awesomeness of Injustice 2 and tiny spoilers (we picked moments that won’t affect your gaming experience, focus on how cinematic are face animations).

Start with a short video: look how Robin smirks at the beginning. Truly a teen-superhero. And Wonder Woman’s concern? That’s amazing!
Don’t mind multiple Harley Quinn moments in gifs, she’s one of the most emotional Injustice 2 characters, and the power of face animations is well-shown on her.

There goes this crazy lady:
Injustice 2 game Harley Quinn

I love how the focus changes here, and apparently, Green Arrow is SO uncomfortable. Harley's stealing a knife. She never changes.
Injustice 2 game Green Arrow

Sly Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn:
Injustice 2 game Poison Ivy Harley Quinn
Injustice 2 game Poison Ivy Harley Quinn

Here comes the Joker: that's what happens when Harley finds out he's actually alive.
Injustice 2 game Joker Harley Quinn

Jeez, his emotions are so purely evil!
Injustice 2 game Joker Harley Quinn

Harley's in doubts here:
Injustice 2 game Joker Harley Quinn Batman

Here comes mother Teresa of DC universe: Wonder Woman's trying to figure something out:
Injustice 2 game Wonder Woman

Some superhero-only-moments here. Those cinematic looks. And look at Wonder Woman! That look is so desperate and full of hope, at the same time!
Injustice 2 game Superman Wonder Woman

Mom, this cactus has gone bad! Poison Ivy is an insanely beautiful villain:

Harley. Nothing to say here. She's up to no good.

Wonder Woman is worried again:

It actually feels like it’s not a game, it’s more like a movie. Injustice 2 characters act. All the emotions they show are recognizable, you can see how much work was done.

Hope you’re enjoying Injustice 2! Tell us, what character did you like the most? Who do you think is not finished? Express your thoughts in comments below :)