Information about third Assassin’s Creed Unity update is revealed

Information about third Assassin’s Creed Unity update is revealed by  2395 views

As you remember, last week the release of the new instalment in the AC action-adventure series, which, mildly speaking, didn’t meet the players’ expectations, took place. Lots of bugs and problems destroyed the whole impression from the long-awaited game. So, urgently, at project’s launch, Ubisoft presented the first Assassin’s Creed Unity update, which fixed some of them, however, it wasn’t enough. Our previous news have told you about the second patch, and today we’d like to share some materials about the third Assassin’s Creed Unity update.

So, according to the developers, the next Assassin’s Creed Unity update promises to be more major. Although, the exact details of this patch are still being under discussion, Ubisoft has revealed the general information about the fixes.

First of all, the third Assassin’s Creed Unity update will correct the problems of Arno’s stucking on the certain map’s areas and character animations. Besides, the project’s work will be improved as well as the crash situations during the gameplay both in a single campaign and a cooperative mode minimized. As for the last one, the bugs with the connection and partner selection will be also fixed in it.

Secondly, the new Assassin’s Creed Unity update will adjust the work of non-playable characters and crowd. Thus, the animation and navigation of them as well as the event in the crowd will be corrected.

And finally, the third patch is supposed to improve the interface and the menu of the action-adventure. The developers state that the problems with pop-ups, notifications, localisation, absent menu entries and mission objectives will be eliminated.

Also, don’t forget that if you have bought this game and faced any problem, which is not specified in the bug list, you can report about it to the Ubisoft’s support or on the company’s forum.