How to survive in Metro: Last Light (video)

How to survive in Metro: Last Light (video) by  3660 views
In this video course, based on the Ranger’s diaries, the developers talked about the two main types of enemies: mutants and the people ... In addition, this trailer also reveals the political situation of Metro: Last Light.

Every  new ranger must know the two immutable rules: light - is your enemy and bullets run out, and the enemies do not. The main enemies will be, of course, mutants that do not accept the division of conviction or principles, although some of the people in the subway, not much different from them.

The whole Metro: Last Light area divided into spheres of influence, which is being by controled the various factions. Reich - Russian Nazis that are fighting against mutants and defend the ideals of pure blood; Red line - the Communists, who dream to rebuild their country again, they are the biggest and the strongest faction; Hansa - is the capitalists and merchants, they do not have a clear position, but always able to rebuff; Refugees - the only people who will treat you as a neutral or good character, depending on your actions. And, of course, the Rangers, who are considered to be peacekeepers.

Metro: Last Light release is scheduled for May 17 this year for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. We also recommend you to watch the first part of the "diaries", where the developers told about the methods of warfare.

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