Hitman: new game is coming?

Hitman: new game is coming? by  5997 views

IO Interactive has announced the next installment of the Hitman series in its open letter to fans on the official website. The new game doesn’t have a title yet, but the developers believe, it will be no less thrilling than the previous parts of the Hitman game series.

The players will experience an Agent 47 at the peak of his career, and with a support of Diana Burnwood, they will get a chance to take a round-the-world trip. The game is going to concentrate on the main elements of the whole Hitman series, however the developers promise to make some great interesting additions to it like new exotic locations, etc.

As for technical issues, the new part of the Hitman series is being built on the base of Glacier 2 engine, which allows not only improving the game, but also implementing more unique features. Also, according to IO Interactive, the new Hitman game will adopt a non-linear level design that helps to make the game’s world more open and living.

By the way, the Contract Mode, which was firstly used in Hitman: Absolution, is back. The players are able to create their own challenges, experimenting with game’s levels and opportunities. They can be shared with friends or foes to test them.

Besides, the new Hitman game will be available for PC and next-gen consoles.

Currently this is all news, but IO Interactive promises to share some more fresh information as soon as possible. The Hitman series became the worldwide popular stealth video game. Let’s wait and see what the developers are preparing for us. Will the new Hitman game be as legendary as its previous parts? What do think about it? Share your opinion in the comments below.