Hitman: Agent 47 movie has got its first photos (Movie)

Hitman: Agent 47 movie has got its first photos (Movie) by  4281 views

At Comic-Con 2014, 20th Century Fox studio has presented the first shots of the upcoming Hitman: Agent 47 movie. This project will be another adaptation of the popular stealth-action game series and will become the sequel to the previous movie of 2007.

The first Hitman: Agent 47 photo demonstrates the British actor - Rupert Friend - who plays the assassin. Let us remind you that originally this role was assigned to the star of The Fast and The Furious franchise - Paul Walker. But the project’s creators had to change the cast, because of the actor’s tragical death last year.


The second Hitman: Agent 47 photo shows us Hitman with his mate - Katya va Dees, - played by Hannah Ware.


According to the information, Katia turns out to be the same genetically engineered assassin as Hitman is. Together, they will have to fight against the crime syndicate and find the woman’s father.

Besides the actors mentioned above, Thomas Kretschmann (“Valkyrie”, “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”), Zachary Quinto (“Heroes” TV series, “Star Trek” and “Star Trek Into Darkness” films) and others will take part in the shooting. Quinto has stated that Hitman: Agent 47 movie will include the improved visual and special effects, and it will justify the fans expectations for sure.

20th Century Fox company has also presented the first footage of the future motion picture. But only the Comic-Con’s attendees have been able to enjoy it. We hope that the video will become available for all very soon.

The Hitman: Agent 47 movie will be launched on the big screens at the end of February 2015.