Hitman: Absolution game has got new contracts

Hitman: Absolution game has got new contracts by  2532 views

Although Hitman: Absolution game was released in distant 2012, the developers are still making and publishing new content for it. Thus, yesterday, Square Enix added three new exclusive contracts that are available for all platforms and all gamers absolutely for free.

Let us remind you that Contracts is a special mode in Hitman: Absolution game, which allows choosing up to three non-playable characters and marking them as your future target. Then, after you track them down and kill, you will be able to show your murders to the gamers' community and suggest other people repeating your heroic deed. Of course, the best killers with the barcode on the back of head will get a great amount of in-game money for weapon, suits and items.

Three new contracts in Hitman: Absolution game correspond to three different platforms. Playing on your PC, you will be able to take a new contract in a haunted house. PS3-gamers will go to the ice cream shop, the seller of which is a hidden incendiary. And the contract for Xbox 360 takes Agent 47 to the donut store, where there will be a great fight. By the way, the last one location is described on the screenshot below:


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