Hellblade game - the new title from DmC creators - was announced

Hellblade game - the new title from DmC creators - was announced by  2217 views

Gamescom continues bringing us lots of exciting surprises, and Hellblade game is obviously one of them. This newly announced project was presented during the yesterday's press-conference of Sony and has already got several details and an amazing teaser trailer.

Hellblade game

Hellblade game is being developed by Ninja Theory. This studio worked on the last year's DmC: Devil May Cry, which got the controversial reviews. But the new title won't be connected with any previous projects of the company and will be an "independent AAA game". But according to the developers' Twitter account, Hellblade game is not going to be a traditional AAA title. It will be a little bit smaller and so will get a lower price.

The representatives of Ninja Theory have already introduced us to the Hellblade game's protagonist - Senua. This brave girl seems to be a great warrior, and you can get a glimpse of her in the project's first trailer:

Unfortunately, there's all information about the upcoming Hellblade game so far. The developers haven't announced the project's release date yet, but they have mentioned that it will be launched on PS4 before other platforms.

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