Halo 3 Xbox game will be released on PC?

Halo 3 Xbox game will be released on PC? by  5125 views
Halo 3 game recently has been found in the Steam register along with curiosities like Resident Evil: Revelations, The Witness and others. Does this mean that this year we will see a lot of ported to the PC games or Gabe Newell has decided to expand his influence on the consoles too, is not clear yet.


A few lines of Halo 3 source code were found in the latest video card drivers from AMD, that makes the chipsets for PlayStation 4, and perhaps for the next-gen Xbox. It can be another evidence that confirms the message above and gives us hope to play these games not only on the consoles.

On the other hand, Microsoft commented that it’s impossible to download Halo 3 for PC from Steam now and the company has no plans to release games for Valve’s retail service. At the moment the situation remains rather vague and we cannot say, what this fact means and whether the rumors are true.


Whether it’s nice idea to port the game, which was published four years ago on the consoles, now, and you would like to play it, let us know below.
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