Fresh H1Z1 screenshots have been presented

Fresh H1Z1 screenshots have been presented by  3428 views

The developers of H1Z1 game don’t rejoice us with some new information about this upcoming project very often, but from time to time they tell or show something interesting, and we in our turn are always hasten to share it with you.

Today we would like to demonstrate you new H1Z1 screenshots and tell some fresh information about this survival horror. Thus, yesterday, Sony Online Entertainment company - the developer and the publisher of the project - presented a couples of new game’s pictures. Your main enemies - zombies - are depicted on them in the different time of day. On one picture you can even see a burning walking dead, who, perhaps, has been set on fire in order to kill him or at least to stop. But the most interesting thing, which has been told by the developers, is that the time of the day doesn’t matter when zombies stalk you. They don’t care when to track you - at night or in a day-time - because the main sensors, which the latter ones use to search and find you, are the senses of smell and hearing and not the sight. So in order to stay alive for a long time, you will have to be very careful and don’t think that night will help you.


We’d like to remind you that soon H1Z1 game will be available in the early access in Steam, and the project itself will be launched sometime at the end of the year. 

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