Fresh GTA: San Andreas trailer calls us to entertain

Fresh GTA: San Andreas trailer calls us to entertain by  4885 views

Although Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas game was released for mobile devices at the end of last month, but only yesterday its developers published the official GTA: San Andreas trailer.

New video, which lasts just a minute, shows us not only how the project looks like, but also encourages us to have a ball. Here you will see the praises from the leading game news portals (Game Informer, IGN), and already familiar to us characters (much improved), and a lot of activities and jobs that await you in the new Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. So watch the fresh video, enjoy it and plunge into a great adventure!

In the meantime we are reminding that the version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas game has been launched for mobile devices based on iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and for Amazon Kindle. New GTA: San Andreas has been significantly redesigned (compared with the project’s version, released in 2003): the graphics and the lighting effects have been improved, the color palette has been enriched, the car models and the characters themselves have been changed a lot.

So if you are interested in this game, then you should know that you can buy it already now for $6.99 in the App Store, Amazon Appstore and Google Play (currently only for devices based on Android). As for the game’s version for Windows Phone, the developers have reported that it will be released a bit later. So stay tuned to know all of the latest news.