Fresh Gran Turismo 6 trailers and new game’s information

Fresh Gran Turismo 6 trailers and new game’s information by  3002 views

We haven’t heard anything about Gran Turismo 6 game, the release of which will take place in a month, for a long time, but finally today the situation has changed and we are ready to share with you the latest information about this racing simulator.

Thus, yesterday the developer of the project - Polyphony Digital company - published two fresh videos for this upcoming game. The first Gran Turismo 6 trailer is a conceptual video, which is called "Start your Engines". In this short video we are demonstrated the beauty of the game in general, its huge number of cars and, of course, the circuits on which you'll be able to drive very soon.

The second Gran Turismo 6 trailer is called "Time Transition and Astronomy Effects", and, as you've probably guessed, shows us how the days and nights will take turns in the game, and how the different astronomical effects will influence on your race. Watch it!

In addition, Polyphony Digital’s employees have also told some new information about the project. Thus, it became known that the game would have more than 1200 cars, new track  - Apricot Hill - would be added to existing circuits, a system of changing weather, day and night and other astronomical phenomena would be introduced, a number of new game modes would be added, the system of buying and management of cars would be changed, and you will be able to create your own clubs and organize the events. More about all of these innovations, you can read on the official Gran Turismo 6 site.

In the meantime, we are recalling that Gran Turismo 6 game will be launched on December 6 exclusively for PS3.