The Gran Turismo 7 release date on PS4 is postponed

The Gran Turismo 7 release date on PS4 is postponed by  4131 views

In the recent interview to one of the gaming magazines, the creator of the Gran Turismo racing simulator series - Kazunori Yamauchi - has told about the forthcoming new seventh part of the franchise, has revealed some details about its development and terms of launch.

Last November, before the the sixth part of the series hit the stores, Yamauchi had stated that the provisional Gran Turismo 7 release date on PS4 is set for 2014. "We don't want to take too long on Gran Turismo 7. Best-case scenario? Next year”, - the game designer said then. However, as you see, it’s the middle of autumn now, and it seems like his plans have changed a little.

The reason of the delay is quite widespread. The project’s developers from the Japanese Polyphony Digital studio want to present the gamers only the high quality interesting content. Regarding this, the Gran Turismo 7 release date on PS4 has been rescheduled for 2015 or even 2016. Yamauchi has noted that the creation of the game for PS3 has been difficult due to the current-gen console’s technical characteristics. And PS4 makes this process easier and offers more abilities for the developers. “For GT7, myself and my staff have a clear vision: to do everything we couldn’t do in GT6. We want to make it very Gran Turismo. By that I mean it’s going to be a game that matches the very era that we live in, in 2015 or 2016”, - he has stressed.

Are you waiting for the next part in the franchise? Did the postponed Gran Turismo 7 release date on PS4 upset you?