Fresh Dying Light gameplay video has been presented

Fresh Dying Light gameplay video has been presented by  4016 views

We haven’t heard anything new about Dying Light game - the project, which is being developed by Techland studio in the survival horror genre, - for a long time, so today it’s good time to tell you some fresh information about it.

The creators of this game, as lots of other developers, have taken advantage of E3 expo to show something new related to their project. They have given the opportunity to test this survival horror to an employee of IGN portal, who has been so pleasant to share his gameplay with the gamers all over the world. So we are glad to demonstrate you the fresh Dying Light gameplay video.

This trailer lasts a bit more than 6 minutes and shows us a lot of different interesting things such as: the various types of weapons, available in the game, the scary and sometimes mutated zombies, a couple of ways to kill the latter ones and some new places, which have never been shown before. IGN employee had managed to eliminate lots of these walking deads before he was killed, so if you aren’t afraid of blood and the crushed brains, then we suggest you watching fresh Dying Light gameplay video, published below.

We’d like to remind you that Dying Light game will hit the stores sometime in February 2015 on the current and next-gen consoles, as well as on PC.