First Mass Effect 4 teaser

First Mass Effect 4 teaser by  10260 views

November 7 is a very special date for Mass Effect fans, because it is time when the gamers and the developers from BioWare unofficially celebrate N7 day. And to make something really pleasant for fans, some BioWare's employees have published the first Mass Effect 4 teaser.

To be more exact, these numerous posts were not only about Mass Effect 4 game. The developers have remembered the whole franchise, the people who have been creating the series, the fans who are always close, and the inspiration that has led to this masterpiece of the gaming industry. The long congratulatory speech has been divided between various BioWare's employees, and each of them has published a part of the greetings and a photo. The full speech with pictures can be found here.

But the most interesting part of the speech is at its end. Here the developers are talking about Mass Effect 4 - the next part of this incredible game series - and even are showing us the first glimpses of the future project.

"The next chapter of Mass Effect is upon us!!", - says the guy that is playing the upcoming game:


"...with new characters to fall in love with...", - we are hinted at the mythical protagonist who will replace Shepard.


" enemies to encounter...", - you can try to find them on the screen:


"...and new world to explore!", - the world looks pretty dark and great.


And the last message looks almost like the official announcement of Mass Effect 4: "We continue working hard to create amazing new Mass Effect experiences for you. Happy N7 Day everyone!". Hurrah!