FIFA Manager 14 will be the last game in the series

FIFA Manager 14 will be the last game in the series by  4414 views

Even games with the long history and a great fan base sometime are going to die. FIFA Manager series soon will join the list of such projects. The developers have announced that the FIFA Manager 14 game is the last instalment in the series of management simulators.


On the 23rd of November the founder and designer of FIFA Manager series - Gerald Köhler - wrote an open letter to the whole fan base of this simulator. In the statement he claimed that FIFA Manager 14 is the last project in this series that is released by EA Sports. Although it "was a very tough decision", the company isn't able to work on the game series any more.

According to the letter, FIFA Management is popular only in Britain and Germany, and even in these countries other similar projects supplant recently great franchise. To return the popularity, the developers need to implement innovative online technologies or brand-new engine. But it is too difficult for EA, so the company has decided to stop the development.

FIFA Manager 14 was released at the end of October and became the last instalment in the series. So more than 10-years history of the simulator comes to the end. "For all your years of support and all your passion for our game, we thank you." - the last sentence in the Gerald's letter states. RIP.