FIFA 15 demo is out today

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FIFA 15 will be released in two weeks, and already today, you can get a glimpse of it thanks to the free FIFA 15 demo. Several hours ago, it was announced that the demo version of the famous football simulator was launched for Xbox One, while the games for other platforms are coming a bit later.

According to the game's Twitter account, the FIFA 15 demo will be released for all platforms, including PC, current and next generations of consoles. However, for now it is available only for Xbox One. The developers haven't explained why the version for Microsoft's console is coming first, but have stated that all gamers will be able to try the FIFA 15 demo already today.

FIFA 15 demo

In the post on Origin, the developers have reminded that FIFA 15 is based on Ignite Engine, which brings incredible visual effects to the game. According to the developers, this instalment is going to be "the most realistic and beautiful edition of the soccer franchise". And in order you to be able to check out the performance of your computer and prepare it for the upcoming game, the developers recommend you to download and try the FIFA 15 demo as soon as it is available.

Already now, the owners of Xbox One console can enjoy the FIFA 15 demo. The installation pack weighs a bit more than 3GB and can be downloaded from Xbox Store. The demo version includes 8 teams - Chelsea, Man City, Liverpool, Dortmund, PSG, Barcelona, Napoli and Boca Juniors. You can try Ultimate Team mode too.

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