FIFA 14 game: new engine, social features, release date

FIFA 14 game: new engine, social features, release date by  17475 views
According to the info received from the Spanish portal RegionPS, the developers will arrange a private presentation of FIFA 14 alpha and talk about new features of this year tomorrow. Also, the site reports that there’s an embargo on the publication of any new information about the game until April 17, when, most likely, the official announcement of this year’s football simulator will take place.

According to the series main producer, David Rutter, EA will give maximum emphasis to the social and online gameplay elements, as this is the main trend of 2012-2013, although single-player and local multiplayer will remain the basis of the game.

In addition, the former FIFA manager, Romilly Broad, hinted that the game will have a completely new quality due to Frostbite 3! And also Electronic Arts promises to give FIFA 14 on Android and iOS for free, due to advertising (which we have already seen in SimCity).


And as it became known that FIFA 14 release date is scheduled for September 24-27, during which all the countries of the world, strating from Latin America, will get access to the game. Also there is a strong likelihood that PS4 users will be able to play this football simulator by the end of 2013! And what new leagues and the teams would you like to see this time?

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