EA bans bad testers

EA bans bad testers by  5525 views

When you are accepting some rules, it is important to understand them. But most of users only read the files and miss the essence. The other day EA started the closed beta testing of its brand-new SimCity game and added a very interesting paragraph into the rules you accept in the beginning. They said, that they can ban every gamer, who is useless for the company, and close the access to any EA products for him. It is rather severely, isn't it?


Well, the point is that if you haven't report the developers team about bug, you have found, or someone else has found and has told you, you can be banned and you can lose all your other games from EA. We don't sure, that the developers will take away all your gaming discs, but they can just close your Origin account and forbid you to buy new games.

By the way, the registration for testing was limited and it was announced on Saturday, so many SimCity fans unfortunately missed it. And have you signed up for SimCity beta? Write in the comments! And join our Facebook community to be the first to know everything from gaming world.