Dying Light has got new gameplay trailer

Dying Light has got new gameplay trailer by  2867 views

Since Techland company is a well-known game developer, so it is not surprising at all that its employees came to Los Angeles for VGX and showed us something new about its current project - Dying Light game.

Thus, Techland has demonstrated new 6-minutes long Dying Light gameplay trailer, which is taken from PS4 version of the game. This video shows us the day killing of zombies, the ways to move in the city, as well as different weapons (or namely, two of its types - a hammer and an incredibly sharp axe), with which you can and have to kill the walking deads. Another quite interesting detail, presented in this video, is that the feelings when you kill with different types of weapons will vary. In addition, the developers have reported that in a huge open world of Dying Light game, you will have a lot of difficulties, because the number of zombies is 10 times more than in their previous games in this genre. And if you suddenly come across a large crowd of the walking deads, the best way to survive in this case for you is just to run. But we will not torment you anymore, so if you want to know more about this survival horror, then just watch fresh Dying Light gameplay trailer.

Also it became known that unlike many games developed for next-gen consoles, Dying Light will be launched on PS4 with its maximum resolution - 1080p, that can give another one plus to this project.

Dying Light game will be released sometime in 2014 for current and next-gen consoles, as well as for PC.

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