Dying Light game has got new short video

Dying Light game has got new short video by  2200 views

If you are a fan of the video games in the genre of survival horror and you like to kill zombies, then we are happy to share with you some new information about one of such projects.

Dying Light game - the project, which is being developed by Techland company, - the release of which is scheduled for 2014, got new short video yesterday. This 40-seconds long Dying Light trailer demonstrates us not only the game’s world, in which we see lots of walking deads prowling around the rooms, the buildings and the streets of the city, but this video also outlines quite clearly, what awaits us in the game. And the first impression about how the game will look like, we can get already now thanks to this trailer, in which the abilities of Chrome Engine 6 (developed by Techland’s employees) are shown, and which demonstrates us the lighting and shadows play incredibly well, that for the game of such genre (especially if we take into consideration its title) will be very important. But anyway, to understand whether it’s the truth or not, we advise you to watch fresh Dying Light trailer, kindly provided by its publisher - Warner Bros. company:

So if you are interested in this project, then we would like to tell you that Dying Light game will be launched for PC, the current and the next-gen consoles sometime in 2014.

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