Dying Light game has got new mode and fresh screenshots

Dying Light game has got new mode and fresh screenshots by  5812 views

If you're a fan of zombie games and you like the projects produced by Techland studio, we are pleased to tell you the latest news about its current survival horror game - Dying Light.

Yesterday Warner Bros. said that those who will pre-order Dying Light game, will get a nice bonus in a form of the new exclusive PvP mode called "Be The Zombie". As it is clear from the title of the mode you will be the living dead, but not the one we used to. Thus, here you’ll become the night hunter from the team of the walking deads, but unlike the last ones you will move very fast, you’ll be able to scramble among the wires, the walls, the buildings, and even attack the enemy from a distance. Your zombie team will be sent to a map, where there are human players, against whom you’ll be fighting. But what is even more interesting is that you can upgrade your skills, as there will be a zombie skill tree. Each new ability will be opened after the murder of a human player. So, if you are interested in this mode, you can get it if you pre-order Dying Light game up until the day of project’s launch.

In addition, Techland presented new Dying Light screenshots, but as we can see they are obviously taken from the standard mode, in which the main character is a human. So look at these fresh Dying Light screenshots and do not forget to leave your comments about the project, its new mode and the latest images.


Dying Light game will be released only in 2014 (the exact release date is unknown yet) for the current and next generations of consoles and for PC.