Dying Light game has got new gameplay video

Dying Light game has got new gameplay video by  3324 views

If you like games in the genre of survival horror, and you are interested in new Techland’s project - Dying Light, - then we have a good news about it for you today.

Thus, the project’s developer has released fresh Dying Light gameplay trailer. This 10-minutes long video shows us what happens to zombies in the night. If you remember Techland has added a day-night cycle, which, as it turns out, plays a very important role in your gameplay. In the daylight the walking deads are apathetic and slow, but everything changes quickly at the night. At night-time you aren’t the one who kills them, now they start hunting for you - zombies become much faster, can climb on different buildings, and their number rapidly and unproportionately increases. Therefore, unless you want to be eaten by these monsters, you shouldn’t be outside at night, or at least to limit your movement in the dark time. Otherwise, be prepared to fight desperately for your life and to escape with incredible speed. It sounds pretty scary, and it looks even worse. But the best way to check it is to watch Dying Light gameplay trailer, which has been released today and is presented below.

Dying Light game will hit the stores sometime in 2014. It will be launched for PC, consoles of current and next generations.