Destiny pre-order has been officially opened for PS3 and PS4

Destiny pre-order has been officially opened for PS3 and PS4 by  2499 views

Good news for those who eagerly anticipate the release of Destiny game! Since today you can pre-order this project and get an interesting bonus.

So far, only the owners of Sony consoles - PlayStation 3 and Playstation 4 - can make the Destiny pre-order. Both versions will cost you $59.99. As for the other versions of the project, they will be also available for pre-order soon, although it is unknown, when they will be on sale.

But the nicest thing, when you pre-order any game, is a bonus of course. In this case we are talking about the access to the Destiny beta test, which will take place at the beginning of July. But you should be very attentive because in order to become the participant of this test, you have to register at and link your PSN ID with a new account there. This is an important condition, as far as all information about Destiny beta test - the details and its timing - will be sent on this new account. Don’t miss your chance to test the project before other gamers!


We’d like to remind you that Destiny game will be launched at the beginning of September on the current and next-gen consoles, as well as on PC.