Deadpool game has got new character

Deadpool game has got new character by  7786 views

Activision company and High Moon Studios announced yesterday that Deadpool game will get a new Marvel hero.

We are talking about a widely-known character - Wolverine. Although the rumors about his appearance in the game have come out after Deadpool cover’s release, but we were able to make sure of theirs truth, after the official confirmation of this fact by High Moon Studios.


But the information that Deadpool game has got not just a simple character, but Wolverine himself, has strongly shoked the protagonist of the upcoming game and he has even written a fiery speech. He's very angry that Wolverine (even being the favorite and the most popular character) dared to appear in his game, where HE is starring (and nobody else) and there is no one who can be cooler then he is (in every possible way and, of course, in his opinion).


Whatever it was, but we are almost certain that such trick of game’s developers heat up the gamers interest for the upcoming Deadpool, and we will be able to enjoy even more numbers of spectacular battles.

Among the new characters, recently added to the game, you can also see Psylocke, Domino, Cable and Rogue. You will already be able to fight them on the 25th of June 2013, because Deadpool release is scheduled at this time for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.