Deadpool launch trailer is released!

Deadpool launch trailer is released! by  7968 views

So far as Deadpool game will be released in a few days, the game’s developers and the publisher are livened up noticeably. If two days ago, we informed you that the game got a new character - Rogue, today we want to show you the Deadpool launch trailer.

Activision and High Moon companies have published a lauch trailer for their upcoming Deadpool game, so you are able to evaluate (before the game’s release) how a new project based on Marvel’s comics looks like. Deadpool launch trailer shows us the reckless and a little strange (with a particular sense of humor) protagonist - Deadpool, on behalf of which you'll have to fight with different superheroes (good and bad ones). But we won’t make you to wait anymore, so watch new Deadpool trailer:

And for those who are interested in this action-adventure, we hasten to remind you that Deadpool game will be released on the 25th of June in North America and 3 days later in Europe for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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