Dead Space 3 co-op gameplay will stay frightening

Dead Space 3 co-op gameplay will stay frightening by  7531 views
"EA conducted case studies, which showed that many users recognize the Dead Space game series, too frightening. To remove the frightening power, it was decided that the next part of the game will have online co-op mode, as the presence of another person in the game reduces stress by 50%."


In a new video from the Dead Space 3’ developers we can see just such an example of co-op. Although the gameplay is still continues  to shiver the heart in anticipation of the next fright from the dark corridors of the game. Virtually all Necromorphs and new types of which you can see in the video below, drawn in dark heterogeneous tones that will ideally helps them hide in the twilight of the world. 

How, in the end will look like gameplay? Will it still scare her surprise? That will bring a new cooperative? These and other questions you will find answers in the trailer below, as well as in our other publications about the project.