Dead Rising 3: screenshots, new characters, map and co-op mode

Dead Rising 3: screenshots, new characters, map and co-op mode by  8419 views

Although Dead Rising 3 game, the exclusive of Xbox One, will be released only in two months, the developers are doing their best to get our attention and pick our interest to this upcoming game.

So, Capcom Vancouver’s representatives have introduced a lot of new interesting information about Dead Rising 3 game. Yesterday they presented the map and told us that it will be the biggest one comparing with the maps of the previous two parts of the game series down to that you’ll have to move from one point of Los Perdidos to another one using different vehicles.


Capcom Vancouver has also reported that Dead Rising 3 game will have new characters - psychopaths (people who lost theirs reasons after the invasion of zombies), which will be the embodiment of seven deadly sins, and may appear at any point in the game (not like the bosses, who appear only in the end of missions). The first psycho (officially presented) is a surgeon, who symbolizes a greed (his picture you can see below).


Apart these crazy characters, the game’s co-op mode will have a partner of the protagonist - Nick Ramos. According to the official data, this character name is Dick, he is a truck driver who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. In the cooperative mode, these two players may be at a great distance from each other, but still maintain some kind of interconnection and help each other in any moment of the mission.


And the last but not the least interesting thing is that the developers announced the new mode called Overtime Mode, which allows you to go through the campaigns, which were remained behind the scenes of the main part of the project.

While we are waiting for the release of this survival horror, which will take place on November 22, we invite you to look at and enjoy the fresh Dead Rising 3 screenshots: