Dead Rising 3 game has got new video and Season Pass

Dead Rising 3 game has got new video and Season Pass by  5729 views

Dead Rising 3 game - the upcoming project in the genre of survival horror - will be released less than in a month, that’s why its publisher does not sit idly and attracts the attention of more gamers from around the world, reporting new information about this game.

Thus, Microsoft Studios (the project’s publisher) has recently published a rather peculiar Dead Rising 3 trailer, which is called "Nick or Treat", and dedicated, as you might guess, to the widely celebrated holiday in North America - Halloween. The video, what as expected, is filled with bloody scenes where the protagonist of this survival horror kills a lot of zombies. And if usually the slogan of Halloween sounds like "Trick or Treat", in this video it is a bit modified and sounds like "Nick (the game’s protagonist) or Treat," which suggests that the developers press us to make a choice between "their game or treat." It seems a bit scary, is it? If you want ot buy this game or not is up to you to decide, but in the meantime we would like to advise to watch the new Dead Rising 3 trailer.

Capcom company has also announced Dead Rising 3 Season Pass, which costs $29.99. This Season Pass includes four DLCs (Operation Broken Eagle, Fallen Angel, Chaos Rising and The Last Agent), offered at a discount of 25% compared to their individual purchasing. The first add-on of Dead Rising 3 Season Pass will be released in late December, and if you want to buy it separately, then know - it costs $9.99.

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