Dead Rising 3 game has got gameplay trailers and screenshots

Dead Rising 3 game has got gameplay trailers and screenshots by  4585 views

The developers of another Xbox One exclusive - Dead Rising 3 game - actively remind us that their project will be released very soon (on November 22), and therefore they share some new information about it.

Thus, the game’s director Josh Bridge has announced that Dead Rising 3 on Xbox One will be absolutely stable and would be playable in 720p and 30 fps. Although, as you know, it's not the maximum resolution for the next-gen console from Microsoft (1080 pixels at 60 frames per second), but according to Bridge, the most important thing for them is to recreate (and without a huge number of bugs) the elements presented in the big game’s open world. Therefore, the developers have made such ​​a wise decision to sacrifice the high-resolution of the game, but to save and maintain its stability.

In addition, yesterday GameSpot published three small Dead Rising 3 gameplay trailers. The first video shows us a rather peculiar device - a sentry cat, which can kill a lot of zombies when you want to have a little rest, for example. The second Dead Rising 3 gameplay trailer shows us the battle of the game’s protagonist - Nick - with another quite dangerous, as it seems to us, character - Diego. Finally, watching the third video, you'll get to know what other methods (besides traditional ones) for the mass elimination of zombies exist, and what vehicles are available for you in the huge game’s open world. Watch!

Also today the developers have published fresh Dead Rising 3 screenshots. On these pictures you will see not only the protagonist, but other game’s characters (some of them are very strange) and a couple of devices, allowing you to kill the walking deads. So, in case you still have not decided whether you want to buy this game or not, we suggest you to look at the freshest Dead Rising 3 screenshots, which, perhaps, will help you solve this dilemma (all images are available in our FB community).