Creative Assembly is working on the new Total War: Warhammer game

Creative Assembly is working on the new Total War: Warhammer game by  2866 views

The rumors about the new project in the popular Total War strategy series have been spreading online for a long time. As you remember, at the beginning of March, Creative Assembly launched a special video, which was dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the famous franchise. This trailer also included the first teaser of a mysterious project. And yesterday, the new Total War: Warhammer game was officially announced. It’s being developed on such platforms as PC, Mac and SteamOS. The exact release date of the upcoming instalment hasn’t been specified yet.

The Total War: Warhammer game will bring the players to the incredible fantasy world with some gigantic monsters, legendary heroes, flying creatures and magic. The gamers will have to choose one of the many offered races, lead an army, which consists of several thousands of soldiers, and find an Old World - the cruel and dangerous place where the endless war takes place. Besides, the leader will not only rule the troops but also make some very important political decisions, build and expand the cities. By the way, for the current moment, only four factions of the future Total War: Warhammer game are revealed: Greenskins, Empire, Vampire Counts and Dwarfs.

Creative Assembly and SEGA companies have also stated that the Total War: Warhammer game will be the first of three planned projects in the new series. All instalments will include the packs with additional content as well. In the official press release, the developers have promised the players hundreds of thrilling gameplay hours.

And now, we offer you to appraise the amazing cinematic trailer, which the new Total War: Warhammer game has got recently: