Civilization 6 Tips How to Grow a City

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The last time we’ve posted Civilization 6 tips we’ve mentioned the basics everyone must know to play Civilization 6. This time, we’re about to help you discover the ways to grow a city in Civilization 6.

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Civilization 6 Cheats: Food

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The more food you get the faster will your city grow. To make it work - build farms, especially wheat or rice ones. They’re the most effective ones. When the amount of food that you own gets to a certain number - you get some extra population in your city. The higher is your population in Civ 6 the more it’ll produce.

Civilization 6 Tips: Happiness

Before you download Civilization 6 you need to know that if people in a certain location are not happy they might go on a strike. There’s a one-two-three rule in Civ 6: for every one population - one housing (to keep growing). For every two population - one amenity (to stay happy). For every three population - a new district.

Civilization 6 Cheats: Housing

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Every city has a limit of people who can live in it called housing. Don’t forget to check it from time to time not to miss the opportunities to unfold the potential of several districts. Before you download Civilization 6 you need to know that if the city is situated on a lake or a river it will start with more housing.
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The one thing that has a high influence on how much housing can be produced is Appeal. Tiles near undeveloped forests, natural wonders and national parks have a higher Appeal, so there’ll be even more housing near those areas.

Civilization 6 Cheats: Amenities

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Amenities keep your people happy and they affect to the city growth in Civilization 6. You can get Amenities while developing luxury resources, building an Entertainment complex, certain Policies and Religious beliefs.
We hope these few Civilization 6 cheats were helpful for you! If you know some tips that can help other gamers - leave your suggestions in comments below.