Civilization 6 Cheats: How To Improve Science

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The last time we’ve spoken about Sid Meier's Civilization VI we were discussing the city building process, now GameSpace team prepared some Civ 6 tips that will help you generate Science in the most profitable way. We’d suggest you check Civilization 6 guide we’ve posted after the game came out.

Civilization 6 Cheats: How To Improve Science

Civilization 6 Cheats: More Science = Higher Progress

Science performs one of the most important functions in all Civilization games - it develops (unlocks) your technologies. As a result - you get units and new abilities for your citizens. While you start playing Science is being generated by your Palace, natural wonders also generate Science, as well as by campus district.

Civilization 6 Cheats: How To Improve Science

Eureka - a special boost that can speed up the development of specific technologies. Although you can evolve the technology without using one.

Here’s a list of Civilization 6 cheats that will be useful in all Civilization games:

  • To complete 50% of sailing technology in one click in all Civilization games you need to place your city on a coast. As a result - the improvement of sea resources.Civilization 6 Cheats: How To Improve Science
  • Campus District - the most profitable way to generate Science in Civilization VI. To build it you need to discover the Writing boost first. Constructing Campus Districts near Jungles and Mountains will provide the highest adjacency bonus.
  • Another Civ 6 tip: to increase the Science output build research labs, libraries, universities. It’s also possible to assign people to those tiles.Civilization 6 Cheats: How To Improve Science
  • Building Wonders will offer you some surprises: you’ll get 2 random technologies in Civilization 6 if you build Oxford University, and get the Ancient and Classical Technologies boosts if you build The Great Library. Mind the religious beliefs and policies as well, they might help.Civilization 6 Cheats: How To Improve Science

Civilization 6 Cheats: Science Victory (Mars Project)

Can you imagine that Sid Meier's Civilization VI permits you to discover the space? Let’s talk about the way you can do it:
Civilization 6 Cheats: How To Improve Science
  • Research Rocketry
  • Build a Spaceport and launch a satellite
  • Land your astronaut on the moon
  • Research Robotics, Nuclear Fusion, Nanotechnology
  • Last step: send a Mars Habitation Module, Reactor, Hydroponics component to finish your Mars Project.
Remember that this project requires a lot of resources, so build your Spaceport near the industrial district.
We hope these Civ 6 tips were useful for you, and we’re eagerly waiting for your feedback - did you reach the stars in Sid Meier's Civilization VI?