Bungie has shared some details about Destiny raids

Bungie has shared some details about Destiny raids by  3817 views

As you remember, recently, the beta of the upcoming shooter from Bungie company has finished. According to the studio’s statistics, about 4,6 million players have taken part in this process. It has become one of the largest testings in the history of video games.

During the beta, the gamers were able to try various types of missions and a multiplayer. But one more shooter’s feature - the Destiny raids - was left unexplored.

Bungie’s representative - Luke Smith - has revealed some details about this type of the in-game content in the new Destiny video. According to the information, these missions will become available after the completing of the main campaign. The Destiny raids will consist of several hard tasks and will require the team of six players. They must be the high-leveled gamers (20th level and more) and have enough experience. The rewards will correspond the efforts, spent to finish the task.


And speaking about the teams. Smith has said that the Destiny raids demand the readiness and the good communication inside the squad. So that’s why the studio has decided not to use the matchmaking system. Thus, you’ll be able to participate in this mission only with your friends.

Moreover, the developers promise that the Destiny raids will be unique and different from the traditional MMORPG’s ones. The same thing concerns the bosses: “They're still big monsters, they're still scary, but they have a bunch of abilities that are unlike anything you've really experienced in a shooter before”, - Smith has stressed.

One Destiny raid may take about two hours to complete. But the gamers shouldn’t expect that it can be finished at the first time.

At the end of the Destiny video, you can find out a little information about the daily and weekly Nightfall missions. By taking part in them, the gamers will be able to earn some in-game currency in order to improve the equipment or to buy the new weapons.