Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel news: videos and game’s next-gen versions

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel news: videos and game’s next-gen versions by  2169 views

If you haven’t heard anything new about the next instalment in Borderlands series, then today is your lucky day, because we have prepared lots of fresh Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel news for you.

Thus, first of all, we would like to tell that during few past days, the game’s developers presented two new Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel videos. First trailer, which appeared at the end of the past week, lasts almost 2 minutes and demonstrates us one of the game’s protagonists - Handsome Jack, - who gives good advises about how to survive on the Moon - the place, where the project’s action will take place. According to this video, there are 6 main tips to follow in order to stay alive and fight against the enemies. They touch the use of the different weapons, the best way to move on the Earth’s satellite and the necessity to develop the character’s skills.

Second Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel video, which was published yesterday, lasts more than 14 minutes and shows the gameplay. The trailer is accompanied with the comments of 2K Australia and 2K Games’ representants, so it’s a good opportunity to get to know lots of new and interesting things about the game and Wilhelm The Enforcer, who is a playable character here. Besides the different skills of this character, the use of which is demonstrated in the trailer, you can also see the various foes, against whom you will have to fight on the Moon, the different buildings and a mass of other interesting things. The best way to evaluate them all is to watch the fresh Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel video, which is published below.


And the last information about this shooter, which we would like to tell you today, concerns the game’s next-gen versions. According to the fresh news, the developers have given thought to the creation of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel for PS4 and Xbox One, but everything will depend on the gamer’s feedback after its launch on PC and the current-gen consoles. If it goes well and the players will be asking for the next-gen versions of this shooter, then it’s quite possible that already next year we will get this project on Xbox One and PS4.

Are you satisfied with today’s Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel news? Did you like the videos? We are always glad to read your comments at the bottom of the page.