Borderlands 3 development. Fact or Fiction?

Borderlands 3 development. Fact or Fiction? by  6213 views
Recently we celebrated the Borderlands 2 release, which became one of the leaders in sales and pre-orders this year, and the rumors about the development of the third part of a cartoon action series have already appeared. The most experienced players needed only 44 hours to fully complete the game and get the maximum 50th level.


The other day the game’s screenwriter, Anthony Burch, said in an interview that the ideas and materials for the next part have being discussed and considered. Today the Gearbox Software director, Randy Pitchford, in his Twitter noted that no development is maintained, and the staff is busy by new games and additions releases that have been promised to many users.

Whether it was an accidental precocious announcement about continuation, generated by the sequel’s success, or Anthony Burch fantasy has crashed against Randy’s Pitchford financial statements? Follow us to find out the fate of the Borderlands 3 project.