Borderlands 2 hunt begins!

Borderlands 2 hunt begins! by  2536 views
Today, all Borderlands 2 travelers go hunting! The most incredible, horrible and dangerous creatures of Pandora are waiting for them ahead. Sir Hammerlock will provide a variety of tasks, ranging from the extraction of the fauna ending trophies as skins, teeth and other small things. Developers from Gearbox Software themselves commented the new DLC sales start with these words:

"Time to go to this great hunting with your sidekick, Sir Hammerlock! Explore the world of Agrusa in the Great Hunt Hammerlok Sir!"

Professor Nakayama - a new villain, replacing the Handsome Jack, but the story end can be quite fast, if you do the all the story quests. In addition, our new friend and a great hunter will give different quests killing monsters or study area. There will also be available survival arena, where you can win rare and unique items.

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