Borderlands 2

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Throughout the exhibition Gamescom, Gearbox company hold a lot of presentations about various aspects of the new Borderlands 2. We would like to present a brief video overview of about what the developers told. 


Ever since the first trailer Gearbox was making point that in the second part of the game, players will see a lot of new enemies with improved AI, and they will have to sweat in order to defeat such enemies. As for the bosses, in addition to the main villain - Handsome Jack in the game will be almost invulnerable boss - Terramorfus. According to the project’s producer, Randy Vornel, players will need a 4-people team and at least five attempts to kill him.

Lead project designer, John Hemingway, told about the new for Borderlands character - Mechromancer. This will be a little girl with a mechanical arm that has a lot of hidden features. One of the skills branches will be summoning the robot "Death Trap" (D374-TP), the second line will contain shields and electroshock, and it’s still known nothing about the third.

Also on the show has been presented several videos about weapons systems. The company promised that there will be "bazzilions" different types of weapons in the game, so that everyone can choose their favorite gun.