Bonus for pre-order and new Thief trailer

Bonus for pre-order and new Thief trailer by  3068 views

The video game industry has got some kind of tradition - the developers give an additional content or any other nice bonus for those who pre-order their games. And the developers of famous Thief game series aren’t an exception in this situation.

So today the developers of fourth instalment of this exciting action-adventure have reported that those, who pre-order Thief game, will receive a bonus called "Bank Heist", which is nothing more than an exclusive mission, where, as you can understand due to its name, our protagonist will have to rob a bank.

In order to celebrate the opening of game’s pre-order and show you how this mission will look like, Square Enix has recently released fresh Thief trailer, which you can watch below.

And if you still doubt whether to pre-order Thief game or not, we’d like to remind you that the project will be released at the end of February 2014 for the current and next-gen consoles as well as for PC, so you still have enough time to make this decision.

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