BMW M4 Coupé is already available in Gran Turismo 6 (video)

BMW M4 Coupé is already available in Gran Turismo 6 (video) by  2675 views

The developers of Gran Turismo 6 game - the racing simulator, which was released at the end of last week, - don’t stop surprising us.

Thus, yesterday the project's creator announced that in the period from 12th to 25th of December 2013 BMW M4 Coupé - the newly-developed model of the car made by BMW company, which will appear only in 2014 in the world markets - will be available in the game. CEO of Polyphony Digital - Kazunori Yamauchi - also said that he was very happy with such an effective co-operation with BMW, because together they had managed to create a really awesome car (on the screen, of course), which firstly would be tested by GT6 players.

“It is always wonderful to be able to bring to life a brand new car and I would like to thank BMW for trusting us with all of the data we needed to create the BMW M4 Coupé at such an early stage. The car is fantastic.”

To celebrate the appearance of this supercar in the game, the developers announced a two-weeks Seasonal Event, which will be held on Nürburgring Grand Prix circuit in Germany.

And, finally, in order you to be able to look at BMW M4 Coupé - equipped with a 6-cylinders engine with 431hp and weighing less than a tonne and a half, - Polyphony Digital presented a couple of car’s images and GT6 video, which shows this automobile on the track.


Gran Turismo 6 game was launched exclusively for PS3.