Beyond: Two souls - new trailer and gameplay

Beyond: Two souls - new trailer and gameplay by  4647 views

This weekend, Quantic Dream presented its new project Beyond: Two Souls at Tribeca Film Festival in New York. The game’s creators have unveiled to the public not only an entertaining trailer, but a 35-minutes gameplay video that reveals the basic plot of Beyond: Two Souls. In the trailer, which is a kind of game’s prehistory, we were shown the fragments from the early childhood of the protagonist - Jodie Holmes, which caused her very difficult future. A 35-minutes video gives us a better picture of what is happening with the 15-year-old girl and against what she has to fight to save her life.

In addition, during the presentation of the game at the festival, the head of Quantic Dream, David Cage, said that the walkthrough of Beyond: Two Souls will take about 10 hours. But he promised that all this time will be as cinematic as presented by the film and based on the story (which, by the way, is on 2000 pages), as well as Heavy Rain. He also said that now a plot for the gaming industry projects is very important, because people need and want to know what happens at the end of the game, why they are doing this or that action and what will happen then. The fact confirming David Cage words is that the games like Heavy Rain, with the storyline, are played till the end by 75% of users, while for other video games (without any special content), this figure is about 20%.

We would like to recall you that this game is scheduled for the 8th of October this year, exclusively for PlayStation 3.

Personally, we hope that Beyond: Two Souls scenarists, developing such a complex topic as life after death, won’t deceived our expectations and will provide us a truly spectacular game.

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