Batman: Arkham Origins news

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If you're a fan of the game series about Batman and searching for new information about this action-adventure all the time, then we are happy to help and tell you the latest Batman: Arkham Origins news.

So, the developers of this project, Warner Bros. Games Montreal company, have told that despite the numerous rumors, Batman: Arkham Origins game will be released only for the previously announced platforms, a list of which does not include next-gen consoles (PS4 and Xbox One). The reason of such decision is unknown (the more so as the game would look great on the new generation of consoles), so we can only guess about the real motives of this action. In addition, the developers have told that PC version of Batman: Arkham Origins game will use Steamworks, and not Games for Windows Live (as it was in two previous game’s installments), because there were a lot of problems with Microsoft’s service and the developers are planning  to avoid it now.

And finally, the most interesting news: Ben Mattes, producer of the project, has shared via Twitter that soon (on Wednesday), the game’s publisher will make a big announcement, which it described as "epic" and during which a new character will be presented (most likely villain, as we can suppose looking at the picture below). So follow us and be always up to date with the latest Batman: Arkham Origins news.


If you have suddenly forgotten, we are pleased to recall that Batman: Arkham Origins game will be released in late October for the current generation of consoles and PC.