Batman: Arkham Origins has got new screenshots and costumes for the protagonist

Batman: Arkham Origins has got new screenshots and costumes for the protagonist by  8817 views

Yesterday we showed the new trailer for this exciting action-adventure, and today we want to demonstrate you the new Batman: Arkham Origins screenshots and tell the latest news about this project.

So, the developers of this game series, Warner Bros. company, are planning to release (of course, after the Batman: Arkham Origins launch) the downloadable content in the form of alternate costumes for the protagonist. According to Eric Holmes, the creative director of the project, this idea arose from the fact that we have been knowing him for a long time and often in the different guises. We have seen Batman in a wide variety of films, comic books and short stories, and most of us have already had a certain image of him in your heads. And in order to each gamer will be able to find (or create) his own Batman, the game’s developers will release such costumes.

“It’s visually refreshing, it’s something we’re very proud of, - said Eric Holmes, - it really puts a very different feeling in it, if you’re one of those many different incarnations of him.”

What costumes will be offered to players as additional downloadable content is still unknown, but whatever it is, it should be really interesting.

In addition, yesterday the developers of this action-adventure presented new Batman: Arkham Origins screenshots, which you can see below: 


And we, as always, do not relish the opportunity to remind you that Batman: Arkham Origins game will be released on October 25 for PC and current generation of consoles.