Angry Birds Playground will teach children

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All adults used to think that the video games bring only the harm to their children and prevent them to discover the world and learn something. But, obviously, Rovio, the creator of world-famous Angry Birds, has decided to radically change this well-established in the public perception. It has reported that these birds will... teach your kids!

The developer of Angry Birds game series has announced its brand new creation - an educational curriculum called Angry Birds Playground. This is not an application or other theoretical experiment, it’s a program approved by one of the public schools in Shanghai (China), that aims to teach children everything - from math to physical education. Rovio’s vice president of book publishing Sanna Lukander tells "it's a full 360-degree approach to learning, where games are just one part of it. It's not learning by sitting down and playing with a digital device. There's a real substance to it, and a healthy balance between rest, play and work. We feel it's necessary to talk about healthy nutrition and physical exercise, as part of this approach to learning, balance and well-being."

Angry Birds Playground was developed by the University of Helsinki and is based on the Finnish national curriculum. Angry Birds Playground program includes math, music, languages, sciences, arts, physical education and social interaction.

According to Sanna Lyukander, Angry Birds Playground is a combination of the two methods (first one is a recognizable brand of Angry Birds, motivating children to learn something, the second one is well-done and balanced set of tasks developed by the educational experts), which  will cause the children's interest in getting the knowledge.

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