Angry Birds Epic game is announced

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Rovio company can't stop surprising and impressing us. Yesterday the developers announced the new title - Angry Birds Epic game, which will completely differ from everything the studio had released before. We won't keep you in suspense anymore, so meet new Angry Birds in the genre of RPG.

Angry Birds Epic game

The first version of the Angry Birds Epic game will be launched in Australia and Canada already this week, while the other countries will be able to see this innovative project later in 2014. It will be a mobile game, which is going to be released for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 devices. Whether the developers are planning to launch the PC version of the upcoming project, remains unknown. And there are only a few details of Angry Birds Epic game, but even this information is greatly surprising.

So, Angry Birds Epic game is an adventure-RPG, in which you will experience the turn-based combat and immense crafting system. The details of the plot are unknown, but it seems that the new title will get many story-driven campaigns. Also, according to the genre, you will need to fight against numerous enemies and craft weapons, potions and armor using the resources of the game's world.

The updated information about Angry Birds Epic game will be presented soon, after the project will appear in Australia and Canada. Would you like to learn more about this title? Let us know in the comments below.