A documentary about the Gran Turismo series is coming

A documentary about the Gran Turismo series is coming by  4031 views

The first game of the Gran Turismo series was released in December 1997. It’s been 15 years since then, and the series has become one of the most popular among racing video games. So the developers have decided to gift their fans with a documentary movie, dedicated to the anniversary celebration of the legendary Gran Turismo series.

The movie has been filmed over a year in 12 different locations all over the world. The viewers will see the whole chronicles of the Gran Turismo series development by Kazunori Yamauchi - the main game’s inspirator and producer, - discover historical footage and intriguing stories, shared by the most famous people in automotive and gaming industries.The Gran Turismo documentary was directed by Tamir Moscovici and filmed by Anthony Arendt, who is known for his work in such movies as Avatar and Larry Crowne. This duet has also created the Urban Outlaw movie, which tells about the famous Porsche customizer, who managed to turn his hobby into successful business.

The film has already got a title of Kaz: Pushing the Virtual Divide, and the premiere is going to take place on Hulu on January 22nd. Also the official PlayStation’s Twitch channel will held a press-conference with Kazunori Yamauchi, Tamir Moscovici, Jordan Greer - the GT Planet’s founder, - and the GT Academy’s champion Nick McMillen. Besides, during the conference the players will have a chance to win $1M of the Gran Turismo 6 in-game credits.

Let us remind you that recently Gran Turismo 6 has got a few updates, which are available for free download.

And while waiting for the premier, you can watch the official trailer to the Gran Turismo documentary.