Saints Row 4 review

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Saints Row series that firstly has been meant to be another one GTA clone, now is one of the most popular among thousands of gamers. Perfect humor, massive open-world, funny characters and exciting dialogues have made this franchise a strong player on the gaming market, and new instalment in this series again proves this fact. We would like to present you our Saints Row 4 review, in which we will try to find out the reasons of this game's popularity.


First of all we want to remind you that Saints Row 4 game is one of the most craziest products in the gaming industry. Unlike the typical modern shooters or actions, in which you associate yourself with the protagonist and experience all his dramatic adventures, this game was created to entertain you and so it doesn't really care about the seriousness and logicality. Here you are playing a role of the street gang's boss, familiar to those who played the previous Saints Row games, and now this gangster becomes the real president of the country. But the most interesting and absurd things are coming next. The aliens invade the planet and put our hero and his friends to simulated city - Steelport - in which everything is possible. And from this moment Saints Row 4 game becomes completely insane, and you can only sit back in your chair and enjoy this funny madness.


The main things available in Steelport are special abilities that make you something like God and Superman connected into one amusing person. From this moment Saints Row 4 looks like the Prototype series, in which you also can hack your enemies using unlimited powers. Well, throwing the fireballs and being as fast as a bullet are very fun activities, but not really challenging. Moreover, your opponents are a little bit stupid and monotonous, so actually you don't need any abilities to kill them. That doesn't make the game easy, and some missions are rather interesting and difficult, but the whole game looks like a parody, and not the unique title.


Of course, here you will also find awesome weapons and customizable cars as it was in the previous instalments, but now they are not necessary while you are using the special powers. Do you actually need a car, if you can run much faster than it? Do you need to spend money and time customizing and improving your weapons, if you already can both ignite or freeze the enemies using just your brain? The whole this ability stuff is amazing, but it makes Saints Row the completely new game, and not the one we loved. But the decision is up to you, so only you can decide, what has happened to Saints Row 4 - it has reached the next level or just rejected its roots.


Our Saints Row 4 review wouldn't be full without the graphical engine's description. We must say that this year's game looks better, than its predecessor, but not much. The appearance of the characters remained almost the similar, and the decorations look good only from time to time. But graphics is not the most important thing of Saints Row 4, and the atmosphere is much more important here. A little bit silly, but very colorful characters, brilliant dialogues and scabrous humor make this game absolutely crazy and truly worth to play.


It will take you about 12 hours to complete the main campaign of Saint Row 4 game, and the same time to enjoy the side missions. The tasks here are very cool and various, so the time you spend with the game won't be boring.

In conclusion

Saints Row 4 game is for those, who want the entertainment and fun, but not the serious drama and logical plot. Absurd, but funny story, brilliant atmosphere, interesting abilities and weapons make this game really exciting and thrilling. And we are sure that in some way this ex-clone of GTA has even excelled the original.