Crysis 3 game: power and beauty

Crysis 3 game: power and beauty by  7340 views

Crysis 3 game was one of the most anticipated projects this winter, and finally it was released and even exceed our expectations. Great graphics, interesting story, almost emotional characters, powerful weapons and armor, awesome control system and various battles are waiting for each gamer who enters New York City 2.0. Are you ready for this adventure?


The story in Crysis 3 starts 24 years after the events in the previous game's part. The main character here is Prophet, and the main antagonist is Alpha Ceph - a malicious alien that is going to enslave the rest of humanity. Together with aliens the humanity itself ruins the world, so Prophet will be also fighting against CELL corporation with its insidious secret projects. An important part of the storyline occupies the best Prophet's friend - Psycho, who previously also had a nanosuit. The first time in the Crysis series the developers added some emotions into the game scenario, and sometimes it seems that the storyline becomes very dramatic. But don't be too hopeful, because story, as always, is not the strongest part of the game.


The thing that really amazes us in Crysis 3 game is graphics. From the very first minute of the story and till the last bullet in the last battle the graphics looks awesome. Fantastic New York City from the future, where the urban beauty meets the fresh jungle, where the grass is growing from the ruins of skyscrapers and where the sun is shining on the broken streets, was designed strikingly qualitative. It seems that Crysis 3 game has the best graphics we have already seen in shooters. And graphics is really cool in all versions of the game, no matter it is Crysis 3 for PC, PS3 or Xbox360. 


Together with stunning environment, our hero also looks very cool. His stylish nanosuit is more than just a suit, it is also a perfect armor and a powerful weapon. The developers implemented new features into their well-known game's feature, so now nanosuit has really vast functionality. It is interesting that using it you will be able to hack everything you meet on your way. You will have to solve little mini-games to hack certain device or turret, but this operation will greatly help you in the battle, because you will be able to kill all your enemies without any shot. Also nanosuit allows being invisible and playing not the gory shooter game, but the one with stealth mode.


But if you still want to kill as many opponent as you can, you should use one of the weapons from the game. We advise you to take Predator Bow - the only one weapon that doesn't turn off the invisible mode. There are only a few arrows for this bow, but they are very powerful. So after you shoot the enemy, take the arrow from the corpse, because you will be able to use it again. Another one interesting arrow type is electrified arrow. You can use it in the water to kill several opponent by one shot.


It is important that the equipment from the game is really easy-to-use. The control system was designed very carefully, so with console controller or mouse and keyboard you will feel yourself exactly on the battlefield. But, unfortunately, this awesome adventure won't last long - the single campaign takes only about 8 hours. After it you will be able to take part in multiplayer battle that is also very cool, immense, interesting and has a lot of perfectly designed modes.


In conclusion

Crysis 3 game is worth the highest marks. Of course, it has some disadvantages and problems, especially in the storytelling and the duration of the single mode, but nevertheless its graphics, control system, battles, weapons and features are just amazing. This time Crytek really made their best. Though the developers won't get the money they deserve, because Crysis 3 game has a very poor protection. About 70000 gamers have been able to download Crysis 3 for free during this week, using different torrents and file sharing sites. We just hope that Crytek will nevertheless get its reward, because they deserve it.

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